Small White Clouds

by Big White Clouds

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released December 7, 2010

All songs written and performed by Joe Solof/Big White Clouds
©℗ Big White Clouds

Produced, engineered and mixed by Mike Moschetto
Recorded and mixed at The Office (North Andover, MA) August-November 2010

Art/design by Big White Clouds
Twitter: @big_whiteclouds



all rights reserved


Big White Clouds North Andover, Massachusetts

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Track Name: I Know I Know
Standing around, twirling my thumbs next to you
I know, I know...I do not know what to say here
Don't go, don't go; I do not know a good reason to
I don't need no explanations or excuses from you
If there's anything I could offer you
If there was anything I could do

Once when I was younger
I imagined amazing
Don't know what I discovered
But it sounds like what you're saying
And it's as easy as breathing
If breathing were hard to do
Now I've got this feeling
That I'm too far from you

We can just sit; we can just watch the sun
Track Name: Afraid of the Dark
I am afraid of the dark
Scared of what I cannot see
I do not know who you are
But you gave me what I needed the most

I cannot come out to play
Tomorrow but not today
What was that you heard me say?
I promise I didn't mean it that way
I am not to blame

Throw it all on the front lawn
Everything you want to keep
Give it up for the one you love
Give it up for the one you needed the most

I am afraid of the dark
Track Name: Nap Sack
These days it's hard to say if I'm here to stay
So I keep my bags packed in the driveway

At night it feels like a car crash in my mind
So I switch sides and try to find peace of mind

It's cool now, the sun's down and it's quiet in my house
So I try to pay no mind to the loud sounds outside
Track Name: My Ave
When I'm in the neighborhood
And I hear somebody call my by name
I wonder if it's you out there?
Tell me, do you know me by name?

When I'm in the streets and I
See someone I think that I might know
Tell me, is it you out there?
I wonder, are we on the same road?

When I'm in the woods and I
Don't know how to get myself out
I wonder, would you take me home?
I hope I didn't freak you out

And when I call you
It's only 'cause
I really needed to call you and say
Remember when we first met
And I was too scared to talk?
I had some things I wanted to say but
I'm sure you've heard them all
But I would've meant it
Every single word
If I actually said it
If I grew some courage
Hey, hey
Track Name: Open Your Window
I won't write you off, no
You're not that lucky
You could throw me anywhere
I don't think much would change
I think that I would be the same
I think that I would feel the same
I think that I would think the same
I think that I would be the same

I couldn't talk you down, no
From being up so high
I forgot to cross my Ts
And dot my Is
You could drag it out
Like a boxing match that you can't lose
I won't be around, no
For a minute or two
'Cause I don't mind the weather
But there's somethin' 'bout the atmosphere around here
That I don't like
Track Name: Tin Man's Shopping Spree
I got your dollar store heart at a designer price
If I could get some money back, well, that would be nice
It took a lot of luck just to get me here
If I could get home, I'd be luckier still
I've got a dollar in my pocket and I'll buy it back
I never thought I'd miss it so bad

I got your dollar store heart at a discount price
It only works if you hold it just right
It takes a lot of luck just to figure it out
Well, that's what we've all been worryin' about
I got some money in my pocket and I'll spend it all
Never even heard of it tomorrow

I got your dollar store heart at a dollar store price
And designer dreams for a discount life
A lot to think a whole lot about
Lots of time to figure it out
I got a dollar in my pocket; you can have it back
Turns out I didn't need it so bad

"I think that was a lot better!"
Track Name: Batting Cleanup
Leave me with the women and children
I don't think I'm strong enough
Firetruck's coming to bring the ladder
This tree is too tall and I'm just a kitten
You gave me a chance that I didn't earn yet
Like when daddy coached the little league team

And all I want is to sit on the bench
Warm it up for someone better
You act like I am the best
We're all fucked if there's no one better here to clean up

I'm doing laps now around the school dance
So no one sees me standing alone
Give it a rest, man, I think they're watching
And it looks like you just woke up
I'm up next and I'd rather not be
He throws real fast for someone in sixth grade
Track Name: Beach Song 2
I'll just sit back
I'll just relax
Watch 'em go by
Couldn't make a better plan
I couldn't make a better plan
If I tried
I'll just go back
I'll just relapse
It's alright
I could be a better man
I swear I'll be a better man
The next time

I could be a dark knight
Or I could be a white light
I don't know
I could be a road map
Or I could be a car crash
Let's just go
I could be a pretty thing
Or I could be a diamond ring
It's all for show
I could be a pot of gold
At the end of an old

You can take a long time
I can wait my whole life
Whatever you like
You could be the moonshine
Or you could be the starlight
The whole night
You could just sit there
You don't have to comb your hair
You look just fine
But I don't want to sit back
I don't want to relax
And watch it go by
Track Name: My Bear
Graceful as I lay down
Wishing that you were around
Sometimes I can't fall asleep
So I think of what you said to me
You said, "I don't know what to believe
But hell, I need to do something"
So wide-eyed on the front porch of the world

Shirt's pressed and folded up
Like it didn't know what a wrinkle was
Brows furrowed from the stress
My head's burrowed in your chest
How could I understand what you're gonna do
Understand what you're going through

Shoes polished on your feet
Bed's made up and looking neat
And you know just what it is
Stay quiet, don't say it
Our secret is written all over my face
Track Name: Choir of Angels
When I meet the choirs of the angels
I'll try and sing along

Back when you met the choirs of the angels
You sang a prettier song
(We are sweet dreams real as we seem
We don't happen to be anything)

And now I find out it's made of roses
Now I find out it's under our noses
You made it real, so real it's going
You're unreal but you don't know it
Not that big of a deal, I just hoped you would notice

And now I
And now I'm so much braver

Now I know why I am waking
I remember this plan we're making
The world is mine but I saw you take it
Hearts were hearts before they were breaking
And I'm still fine with second place

And now I
And now I'm so much braver

I can't wait until I can show you
What I've dreamt up, my eyes like showrooms
Look inside then it goes unnoticed
Just believe me, we're getting closer
We're okay, so okay, I'll get going now
(I hear wingbeats as the sun leaks
Gold drops to clean everything)

And now I
And now I'm so much braver